Benjamin was born into a dynasty of Junk men, dating back to the days when the antiques of today were brand new. Benjamin’s misspent childhood was occupied with touring the globe with his parents Ron and Sue, owners of R G Scott Furniture Mart, buying and selling various old junk. In May ’06, at the ripe old age of 22, Benjamin embarked upon his own venture; Junk Deluxe. Benjamin’s responsibilities now include chauffeur of the Junk Deluxe minibus, logistics mastermind and chief back-patter. 
Signature style – Blissfully Modernist



From an island far away, known by its inhabitants as 'Canvey', Hayley has come to spearhead our noble quest to share the junk. Any unfortunate crazy kats who are still out in the wilderness, unaware of the joys of Junk Deluxe, Hayley is on a mission to track you down and welcome you aboard with open arms. However, being a partner at Junk Deluxe doesn’t always guarantee Hayley the fun jobs, and she dons the hat of number cruncher extraordinaire, and purser of the good ship Junk Deluxe.
Signature style – Marvellously Midcentury



Sam spent 16 years of his young life where the sun never shines; up North. However, we’ve lured him back down South with a job at both Junk Deluxe, and Scotts. Sam works like a trooper, always with a smile on his face, and he’ll be sure to make you smile too, with a preposterous proclamation, or a little burst of song. He’s been one of our Junksters for years now, he adds a whole host of skills to Junk Deluxe including metalworking 
Signature style - Dangerously Eclectic



The youngest member of the Junk Deluxe team, Caspar became Hayley and Benjamin’s first born in 2012. Caspar has quickly progressed through the ranks to become Chief Bossman of Junk Deluxe. He never fails in his duties of charming and schmoozing, especially on a buying trip. Before his first birthday, Caspar had already escorted his parents on several international business expeditions.
Signature style – Exuberantly Post-Modern

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