If you're not local, fret not, as there are a number of options to get our wares on their journey to you. Whether it's one small item, a vast container load, or any scale in between, whether you are in Canterbury, Cambridge, or Canton, we'll find a solution to cater for your needs.



Many smaller items can be packaged up and posted to you. We are experienced packers and use a wealth of packaging materials to ensure a safe transit to your door. To give you an idea, the following items would probably cost around £10 to post within the UK: a table or desk lamp, a set of Tomado shelves, a school chart, a wall mounting hat or coat rack. International parcels pose no problems either; postal costs vary greatly from one country to another, please contact us for options. You would be surprised what we can post!



We offer a personal delivery service, which includes carrying the items up your stairs, disassembly and assembly where necessary, and removal of any packaging waste.

Examples of regular destinations and costs include Whitstable (£20), Greenwich (£60), Hackney (£70), Camden (£80), Richmond (£100). Please contact us for a tailored quote. Very special prices are available for some areas within the continental lowlands and Germany.



Palletised shipment can be a very cost effective way of transporting a group of items. We can carefully wrap and strap a number of items of varying size to a pallet. Pallet delivery is only to your door, and you must dispose of the packaging and pallet yourself. If you can deal with these circumstances, then a day specific delivery can be amazingly cheap, but a specified time slot costs a little more. For example, 40 stacking chairs, 200 miles to Bath, next day delivery, for £55. If you are international, this is often the most reasonable option for your shipment.



We are experienced at loading 20 and 40 foot containers, direct from our warehouse, to be shipped all over the globe. If you are a trade buyer, looking to buy in bulk, then this is the option for you. We can fit well over 100 large items in a 20 foot container, along with an almost indefinite number of small items. If that doesn't suffice, a 40 foot supercube, will accommodate around 250 large items, and again as many small items as your heart desires. Contact us for current prices.



We have a wealth of storage space, so once your item is paid for, we will happily look after it for you, no charge, until you are ready for it, up to a maximum of six months. Therefore, if you want to compile a parcel of goods over a few months, and arrange shipment once you have sufficient goods, that's no problem. Alternatively, you may want us to look after your new purchase, until the sun shines, and you fancy a trip to the seaside to collect.

Storage costs, should you exceed the six months free storage, or should you decide to return an item, will be charged as follows (charged per item):

  • Small packages/boxed items £5 per month
  • Floor Lamps/coat stands £10 per month
  • Medium furniture under 100cm in all dimensions £25 per month
  • Large furniture over 100cm in any dimensions £40 per month
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