Junk Deluxe are a double act, Benjamin, who has a particular penchant for anything industrial, metal, and modernist, and Hayley, who has an eye for off the wall, quirky items, that your Gran definitely never owned.

Junk Deluxe was founded in May '06 by Benjamin Scott. He had the vision of re-inventing the traditional junk shop for like-minded souls, who are sick of the multi-national corporation. Fast forward to Nov '08, and Hayley Stevens jumped on board the good ship Junk Deluxe, bringing with her an aptitude for showcasing their wares, and a desire to keep their loyal band of Junksters and Junkettes informed of all that is happening at Junk Deluxe towers.

Based in Margate, Kent, Junk Deluxe focuses on affordable modern design. Specialising in furniture and lighting, they stock items from the modernist 1930's, right up to the exuberant, quality conscious 1980s, and anywhere excellent in between. Junk Deluxe also often re-invents old furniture, to give tired pieces a fresh appeal.

Junk Deluxe is deeply hidden within another shop, on a residential street, so it's best to come prepared with a map. Upon finding the shop, customers are usually surprised to discover a shop not filled with the usual mid century design clichés, but an array of unique and novel items that they have probably never seen before, and are unlikely to see again.

Benjamin and Hayley spend long hours sourcing their diverse items from far and wide, taking regular buying trips to scour the Continental lowlands, especially Belgium, Germany, and Holland. They also purchase stock from a variety of sources in the UK such as schools, churches, hospitals, and engineering plants. They work hard to stay ahead of trends, meaning they can satisfy all of your vintage whims at the best possible price.

In order to maintain their ever expanding empire, Benjamin and Hayley now have a glamorous assistant to cater to your every whim - Sam.

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