Gold Wheat Sheaf Wall Lights

£55 - £85 each

Various gold wheat sheaf wall lights, including a pair, some gilt, some gold painted.  All rewired and tested, ready to install in your home.

Details below by number:

2 - Gold painted, pair, £150 the pair (40cm high, 25cm wide, 12cm deep)

3 - Gold painted, £75 (40cm high, 27cm wide, 13cm deep)

4 - Gold painted, £75 (40cm high, 28cm wide, 13cm deep)

5 - Gilt, £55 (40cm high, 17cm wide, 13cm deep) - SOLD

6 - Gilt, £85 (40cm high, 30cm wide, 13cm deep)

7 - Gilt, £75 (30cm high, 20cm wide, 12cm deep)

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